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Ensure that stakeholders are aware of the project, understand its aims and objectives and the results it will deliver.

Raise general awareness of project activities to contribute to the multiplication of potential end users of the project results and increase the added value and impact of the project.

Develop a desire amongst stakeholders to input to the project and to take up the project findings.

Compile a set of recommendations setting out what legislative, policy, research and infrastructure changes could be made to improve the knowledge base, enhance the availability of CRMs and provide for effective uptake of the project results.

Support the scientific discussions and exchanges on the development and achievement of the project’s work packages.

Support the identification and recruitment of participants and relevant experts that would benefit from and contribute to the project’s activities.

Promote and diffuse the deliverables developed by the project during the whole period of the project (more intensively in the latter years).

Membership of the Information Network

Individuals and organisations from target stakeholder groups are invited to join the Information Network