Work Package 4 Waste Characterisation

Work Package 4 is concerned with characterising the waste streams and deposits arising from end-of-life products and mining waste, secondary waste from  treatment and pre-processing, especially if discarded and thus not valorised further, and mining waste :

1- Screening available data on CRM parameters (e.g. CRM content, speciation) for waste and tailings.

2- Developing a procedure to select relevant waste and tailings / CRM parameter configurations to include into the database and, by applying it onto the screened data on CRM parameters in products and components, configuring datasets for the database.

3- Identifying existing sampling, sample preparation and chemical analysis methods for a set of "particularly interesting" waste and tailings / CRM parameter configurations, and validating them.

4- Providing harmonised update and quality assessment protocols for CRM parameters in products and components.

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